NEW: Morgan Creek Capital CEO Mark Yusko Predicts Bitcoin to Hit $150,000 by Mid-2025

Mark Yusko, CEO and founder of Morgan Creek Capital, predicts that the Bitcoin (BTC) bull market is just beginning. Speaking on The Wolf of All Streets YouTube channel, Yusko anticipates a potential six-figure price for Bitcoin by mid-next year, doubling its fair value. He assesses Bitcoin’s fair value based on network effects, encompassing the number of users and miners.

Yusko elaborates that while Bitcoin’s fair value may reach $75,000 to $80,000 during this bull cycle, additional investors, traders, and speculators are yet to enter the market. With the onset of leverage and speculative activity, Yusko envisions Bitcoin surpassing fair value to reach $150,000, possibly between Thanksgiving of this year and June of the following year.

However, Yusko warns of an imminent severe correction for Bitcoin and other crypto assets. He suggests that crypto fall is still ahead, anticipated around June, along with factors like the halving and planned selling waves. Despite this cautionary note, Yusko remains bullish on Bitcoin’s long-term trajectory, highlighting its potential for continued growth amidst market dynamics.


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