NEW: Jack Mallers Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $1 Million in 18 Months

There is an increased number of CEOs who are making this prediction. One of them is Jack Mallers, the CEO of Strike, who has predicted that Bitcoin will hit as high as $1 million in the next 18 months. In an interview conducted recently, Mallers traced a 1,357% rate of growth in the price of Bitcoin in the next 18 months, insisting that the currency will not stop at the $68,653 mark. There are a great number of money-printing initiatives globally, and he directed followers’ attention from interest rates to that factor. With Bitcoin being the shiny asset, he believes that as long as interest rates stay put at 5.5%, all asset prices will keep inflating with the pressure of inflation, seeing Bitcoin as a safe store in the economy full of uncertainties.

Obviously, this isn’t the only super bullish prediction that has recently been put out. Other cryptocurrency analysts went on record making some very positive predictions regarding Bitcoin. Others predicted a 119% increase, with potentially approving ETFs and coming off the back of the halving event of this asset being the driving force behind the bullish long-term trend that is predicted to go forward for the cryptocurrency.


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