NEW: Crypto Firms Receive $2.49B Investment from Venture Capitalists in Q1 2024

Venture capital inflows into cryptocurrency and blockchain startups have surged in the first quarter of 2024, marking a robust recovery after a year of decline. According to Galaxy Research, the sector attracted $2.49 billion through 603 deals, a substantial 29% increase in funding and a 68% rise in deal count compared to the final quarter of 2023. This spike may indicate that the market bottomed out in the previous quarter, but analysts suggest watching for continued quarterly growth to confirm a sustained recovery.

The upturn in investment is partly fueled by new Bitcoin exchange-traded funds and innovations in Bitcoin layer-2 solutions, alongside broader economic factors such as interest rate trends. Despite a historical link between Bitcoin prices and venture investments in the sector weakening over the past year, the recent resurgence could herald a more optimistic phase for crypto ventures, especially as 80% of the funds this quarter went to early-stage startups. While the U.S. led with 37.3% of all deals, the landscape shows promising activity across various regions and segments within the industry.


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