LATEST: Marathon Digital Surges Bitcoin Production 21% YoY Despite Halving

Marathon Digital defied expectations by achieving a remarkable 21% year-on-year increase in Bitcoin production in April. Their April report reveals they mined 850 BTC, attributed to a 15% boost in their operational hashrate, now at 21.1 exahash. Despite the recent halving event reducing miner rewards to 3.125 BTC per block, Marathon leveraged its improved hash rate and high transaction fees to enhance earnings. Transaction fees, primarily driven by the Runes Protocol, contributed 16% to April’s revenue. Chairman and CEO Fred Thiel highlighted Marathon’s efficiency, noting their all-time high hash rate and effective use of the Slipstream service. The company sold 600 BTC to support operations and held 17,631 BTC as of April 30.

In related news, Kenya’s president, Williams Ruto, disclosed ongoing discussions with Marathon Digital regarding cryptocurrency regulations and mining. Marathon is consulting with Kenya’s National Treasury and Ministry of Energy, aiming to enhance regional energy development and bolster US-East Africa trade relations.


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