NEW: Avalanche and Stripe Join Forces to Enhance Cryptocurrency Accessibility

Avalanche has partnered with fintech giant Stripe, enhancing how users add funds and purchase digital assets through its native wallet, Core. This collaboration introduces a Stripe-powered onramp, enabling Core users to utilize ACH transfers, debit, and credit cards to fund their wallets. This integration aligns with Stripe’s recent decision to support the USDC stablecoin and marks its re-entry into the crypto space after discontinuing Bitcoin support in 2018 due to its volatility.

The partnership is expected to significantly boost the influx of capital into Avalanche’s ecosystem by providing a straightforward, quick funding method for purchasing AVAX and other supported tokens. Moreover, Stripe’s involvement extends to handling all necessary KYC, fraud issues, and compliance matters. Avalanche’s ecosystem partners, including The Arena and video games like Shrapnel and DeFi Kingdoms, are also set to benefit, employing Stripe’s capabilities for enhanced transaction solutions. This strategic move is anticipated to foster wider consumer adoption and smoother integration of digital currencies into everyday transactions, demonstrating a significant leap towards the accessibility of Web3 technologies.


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