LATEST: Morgan Stanley Enhances Bitcoin ETF Options for Funds

Morgan Stanley, a leading American investment bank, has initiated a bold move towards cryptocurrency by filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to include Bitcoin ETF exposure in 12 of its funds. This strategic step involves the Advantage, Asia Opportunity, Counterpoint Global, Developing Opportunity, Global Insight, Global Opportunity, Global Permanence, Growth, Inception, International Advantage, International Opportunity, and Permanence Portfolios. These funds may soon access Bitcoin indirectly through investments in Bitcoin ETFs, although specific investment limits will apply.

The firm acknowledges that the risks associated with Bitcoin ETFs are akin to those of direct investments in Bitcoin. The filing detailed, “Investments in a Bitcoin ETF expose a Fund to all of the risks related to bitcoin discussed above and also expose a Fund to risks specific to such Bitcoin ETF.” This move by Morgan Stanley could signal a growing acceptance and institutional confidence in Bitcoin as a viable investment asset.


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