NEW: $130B Asset Manager Hightower Holds $68M in Bitcoin Through 6 ETFs

Leading wealth management firm Hightower, with a portfolio worth over $130 billion, has revealed its significant investment in Bitcoin through six exchange-traded funds (ETFs), amounting to a total of $68.3 million. This strategic allocation reflects the growing institutional interest in digital assets, as the firm seeks to capitalize on the evolving financial landscape.

Hightower’s largest allocation is in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, holding $44.8 million across 709,956 shares. The Fidelity Bitcoin ETF comes in second with $12.4 million in 200,084 shares, followed by BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF with $7.6 million across 188,397 shares. ARK Bitcoin ETF holds $1.7 million in 23,964 shares, Bitwise Bitcoin ETF manages $988,000 with 25,449 shares, and Franklin Templeton Bitcoin ETF has $788,000 invested in 19,129 shares.

This move underscores Hightower’s confidence in Bitcoin as a viable asset class and highlights the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency ETFs among traditional investors. The firm’s substantial investment reflects a broader trend of institutional adoption, further cementing Bitcoin’s role in modern investment portfolios.

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