LATEST: Robert Kiyosaki Plans More Purchases Following Bitcoin’s Recent Drop

Renowned financial guru Robert Kiyosaki recently shared insights on the current Bitcoin market trends. Despite a notable dip in Bitcoin prices, Kiyosaki sees this as a golden opportunity to buy rather than a signal to sell. He emphasizes the cyclic nature of markets, where savvy investors capitalize by purchasing low and selling high, steering clear of hefty short-term capital gains taxes through a strategic “buy and hold” approach akin to Warren Buffet’s.

Kiyosaki, who describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur,” is not just waiting out the market lows. He is actively developing new ventures, demonstrating his belief in building assets rather than just trading them. This proactive stance underscores the potential for growth and innovation during market downturns.

Offering advice to those rattled by market volatility, Kiyosaki suggests that the faint-hearted may prefer the security of employment. He contrasts the paths of entrepreneurs and employees, highlighting a choice between innovation and stability in these turbulent times, and encouraging individuals to make decisions best suited to their circumstances.


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