LATEST: Long-Dormant ‘Satoshi Era’ Bitcoin Moves After 14 Years

An early cryptocurrency miner has reignited excitement in the digital currency community by transferring 50 bitcoins (BTC), valued at over $3.28 million, to a prominent exchange. The bitcoins, mined in April 2010 during the initial months of the blockchain, had remained untouched for nearly 14 years, showcasing the enduring confidence some of the earliest adopters have in the market. The move, captured by blockchain analysis tool Lookonchain, involved the coins being distributed to two wallets early this morning in Asia before some were transferred to Coinbase.

This activity follows a trend of significant movements from “Satoshi era” wallets—named after Bitcoin’s mysterious creator—which have started re-emerging. In 2023 alone, several dormant wallets from this era have sprung to life, transferring substantial amounts of BTC, highlighting a growing trust in Bitcoin’s long-term value. These historical movements not only reflect the potential staying power of cryptocurrencies but also continue to fuel positive market sentiments among investors and enthusiasts.


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