NEW: 540K+ New Cryptocurrencies Debut in 2024’s Start, CoinGecko Reports

Over half a million new altcoins have flooded the market from January to April 2024, highlighting a robust expansion in the cryptocurrency sector. According to CoinGecko, a leading crypto data aggregator, their recent analysis shows that 540,000 new tokens debuted this year, averaging 5,300 daily launches. This surge, powered by a revived interest in memecoins since late February, pushed March’s figures to a staggering 195,735 new tokens. The cumulative count of cryptocurrencies since December 31, 2021, now stands at 2.52 million, including both active projects and those no longer in circulation, marking a significant increase from the 440,000 recorded at the end of that year.

The continual innovation in blockchain technology and the reduced costs of on-chain transactions are setting the stage for potentially even larger waves of new tokens, especially memecoins. CoinGecko anticipates that the number of new cryptocurrencies could surpass the previous year’s total of 830,000, given the current pace. This trend underscores a growing enthusiasm for blockchain technologies and speculative trading within the crypto community, suggesting a flourishing future for the digital asset market.


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