LATEST: Litecoin Hits Five Million Long-Term Holders Milestone

Litecoin has achieved a landmark with more than five million long-term holders now invested in the cryptocurrency, a testament to its staying power and potential. Accounting for 62.5% of all addresses with a balance, this significant increase in dedicated users underscores Litecoin’s expanding influence in the crypto market. The surge of 170,000 new long-term investors at the end of February alone highlights a robust trend towards holding Litecoin for the long haul, alongside a growing group of 2.54 million “Cruisers” who have held their coins for 1 to 12 months.

This long-term commitment is not just a numbers game; it’s proving profitable for a majority of holders. On-chain data reveals that 67.67% of all Litecoin addresses are currently profiting, holding a staggering total of 49.76 million LTC. Despite a smaller portion experiencing losses, the overall trend remains overwhelmingly positive. Originating in 2011 from the innovative mind of Charlie Lee, Litecoin continues to distinguish itself as a faster, scalable alternative to Bitcoin, enhancing user experience and trust in its future prospects.


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