LATEST: Legendary Trader Peter Brandt Forecasts Huge Bitcoin Bull Run

Veteran commodities trader Peter Brandt, in a recent post on X, has labeled Bitcoin as “the trade of a lifetime” during the 50th anniversary of his trading career. Brandt, who began his trading journey with futures contracts on the New York Mercantile Exchange in 1971, now sees Bitcoin as a unique market opportunity. Over his distinguished career, Brandt has traded a vast array of commodities, from Corn to Gold and Iron Ore to Idaho Potatoes. Yet, among all, Bitcoin stands out with its non-hackable nature, limited quantity, and rapid, global transaction capability.

In his bullish outlook, Brandt predicts Bitcoin’s price could soar to $125,000. He points out that despite major corrections, the Bitcoin price chart shows a consistent upward trajectory since its inception, often displaying parabolic rises. His confidence in Bitcoin starkly contrasts with his skepticism towards altcoins and meme cryptos, which he dismisses as mere offshoots of Bitcoin’s innovation. This year, as he celebrates half a century in trading, Brandt’s endorsement might just make crypto enthusiasts and investors look at Bitcoin with renewed interest.


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