LATEST: Latin America’s Nubank Adopts Bitcoin Lightning Payments with Lightspark Integration

Latin America’s fintech leader, Nubank, has teamed up with Lightspark to adopt the Bitcoin Lightning Network and Universal Money Addresses (UMA) to enhance transaction efficiency. This strategic partnership promises to revolutionize financial interactions for Nubank’s 100 million customers by providing fast, cost-effective Bitcoin and fiat exchanges.

David Marcus, CEO of Lightspark, expressed enthusiasm about integrating advanced crypto solutions at Nubank, highlighting the effort to simplify and enhance financial services. The incorporation of Lightspark’s cutting-edge SDKs, APIs, and AI tools is expected to optimize and streamline Nubank’s transaction processes.

Thomaz Fortes of Nubank highlighted the move as pivotal in continuing to deliver top-tier, economical solutions via blockchain technology. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the Lightning Network’s growth, potentially increasing its use across Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.


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