Play Games, Win Bitcoin With THNDR Games CEO Desiree Dickerson

Company Name: THNDR Games

Founder: Desiree Dickerson, Jack Everitt, Greg Flor and Rafal Gawel

Date Founded: Originally founded in 2019 | Re-launched in 2021

Location of Headquarters: London, UK with remote team members

Amount of Bitcoin Held in Treasury: “Not enough” (said Dickerson jokingly)

Number of Employees: 6


Public or Private? Private

Desiree Dickerson believes that games are a powerful way to onboard people to Bitcoin.

She posits that, in recent history, games have been used to get people accustomed to using new technologies.

“They put games on the original PCs to get users familiar with a mouse,” Dickerson told Bitcoin Magazine.

“This is similar…

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