LATEST: K33 Research Claims Ethereum Outshining Bitcoin After ETF Launch

K33 Research analysts predict that the upcoming launch of spot Ether exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States could lead to Ether outperforming Bitcoin. The ETFs, expected to go live on July 8, are seen as a significant boost for Ether’s price. In contrast, Bitcoin may face sell pressure as $8.5 billion worth of BTC is returned to creditors of the collapsed exchange Mt. Gox this week.

Ether has lagged behind Bitcoin for over a year, with Bitcoin benefiting from over $14 billion in spot ETF flows in 2024. However, analysts Vetle Lunde and David Zimmerman believe Ether’s price could initially dip post-ETF launch but will gain strength from inflows to the spot funds, mirroring Bitcoin’s past performance.

Lunde and Zimmerman maintain a bullish outlook on Ether, expecting net inflows equivalent to 0.75-1% of ETH’s circulating supply in the five months following the launch. Despite market skepticism, they view current ETH/BTC prices as a bargain, suggesting a strong potential for Ether’s relative strength as the summer progresses.


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