LATEST: Cardano Adopts EU MiCA Sustainability Metrics for Crypto Transparency

The Cardano Foundation and Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI) have unveiled MiCA-compliant sustainability indicators for the Cardano network. This initiative aligns with the upcoming EU Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation, which requires crypto issuers to disclose sustainability metrics. CCRI’s expertise ensured the accuracy and scientific validity of these indicators.

The detailed report highlights Cardano’s energy-efficient consensus protocol, consuming significantly less electricity than Proof of Work systems. Key findings include a total annual electricity consumption of 704.91 MWh and a carbon footprint of 250.73 tCO2e. The report also presents sustainability metrics per the European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA) draft regulatory standards.

Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard emphasized the importance of sustainability in crypto, while CCRI CTO Dr. Ulrich Gallersdörfer highlighted the role of scientific methods in environmental impact assessment. This collaboration not only fulfills regulatory requirements but also sets a benchmark for other blockchain networks in transparency and sustainability.


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