LATEST: Japanese Firm Metaplanet Buys 19.87 More Bitcoins, Total Now 117.7 BTC

Metaplanet Inc., a prominent Japanese investment firm, has significantly expanded its Bitcoin portfolio, acquiring an additional 19.87 Bitcoins to bring its total to 117.72 Bitcoins, valued at around $7.4 million. This move, reminiscent of MicroStrategy’s aggressive crypto acquisitions, reflects a strategic shift in Metaplanet’s investment approach, emphasizing Bitcoin as a major asset in its corporate treasury. Originally purchasing 97.85 Bitcoins at ¥10,219,524 each, Metaplanet’s recent buy at an average of ¥10,193,536 per Bitcoin underscores its belief in the cryptocurrency’s strong financial potential.

Echoing MicroStrategy’s recent purchase of 25,250 Bitcoins, Metaplanet’s investment not only highlights its commitment to digital finance innovation in Japan but also signals growing corporate confidence in Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. As more companies integrate Bitcoin into their financial strategies, Metaplanet’s bold stance could further stimulate investor interest and support the expanding cryptocurrency market.


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