LATEST: Jack Dorsey Forecasts Bitcoin to Surpass $1 Million by 2030

In a recent interview with journalist Mike Solana for Pirate Wires, Twitter co-founder and current head of Block, Jack Dorsey, projected that Bitcoin could surpass a valuation of $1 million by 2030. Dorsey provided a highly optimistic outlook on the future of Bitcoin, suggesting that its price could not only reach but also exceed the million-dollar mark within the next decade.

During the conversation, Dorsey emphasized that the price trajectory is not the most fascinating aspect of Bitcoin. Instead, he praised the cryptocurrency’s collaborative ecosystem, noting that the collective contributions of those who work on, get paid in, or invest in Bitcoin are what drive improvements across the entire network, subsequently pushing the price higher. Dorsey described the Bitcoin community as more than just an economic movement, highlighting its role in teaching him about the power of collective effort and decentralized innovation.


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