LATEST: Jack Dorsey Donates $21M to OpenSats for Bitcoin Development

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, has backed Bitcoin and decentralized social media with a $21 million donation to OpenSats. His contribution underscores the belief that Bitcoin is the internet’s native currency. The donation from his #startsmall initiative includes $15 million for OpenSats’ General Fund, $5 million for The Nostr Fund, and $1 million for operational budgets. This funding will support various projects and initiatives crucial to the Bitcoin ecosystem, including Nostr, which recently integrated Bitcoin payments and has 16 million users.

Dorsey’s donation aims to drive Bitcoin’s development as a currency and technological standard, including funding legal defense for developers facing legal issues related to their work. Additionally, OpenSats has appointed new members to its committee and board, emphasizing collaboration and strategic planning to promote open-source technology. Dorsey’s significant contribution reflects his vision of a decentralized internet where users have more control over their digital experiences.


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