LATEST: Europe’s Largest Telecom provider Deutsche Telekom Will Mine Bitcoin

Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecommunication provider, will soon begin mining Bitcoin, according to remarks made by Dirk Röder, head of Web3 infrastructure and solutions at Deutsche Telekom-owned subsidiary T-Systems MMS, at the BTC Prague conference. Röder revealed that since 2023, the company has been running both a Bitcoin node and Bitcoin Lightning nodes, and announced with pride that they will soon engage in what he referred to as “digital monetary photosynthesis,” confirming that T-Mobile will indeed mine Bitcoin.

Deutsche Telekom’s involvement in the crypto space extends beyond Bitcoin. The company has been actively participating in various blockchain projects, including operating nodes and forming investment partnerships with Polkadot, Flow, and Celo. In 2022, Deutsche Telekom announced support for Ethereum by running validator nodes and collaborating with liquid staking protocol StakeWise, even joining its governance DAO. Additionally, Deutsche Telekom runs validation nodes for Polygon and supports the Q and Chainlink blockchain networks. These efforts highlight Deutsche Telekom’s commitment to integrating blockchain technology into its operations and supporting the broader ecosystem.


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