LATEST: Coinbase Teams Up with Apple Pay for UK Crypto Adoption

Coinbase announces a significant step forward for cryptocurrency adoption in the United Kingdom by integrating Apple Pay for Bitcoin, Ether, and other digital asset purchases. This collaboration offers a more secure and private way to buy crypto, leveraging Apple’s renowned payment system. Daniel Seifert, Coinbase’s UK country director, emphasized the move’s importance in making digital asset acquisition more accessible and convenient, mirroring the seamless experience users have with Apple Pay in everyday transactions. This initiative is set against the backdrop of a current slowdown in crypto market activity, aiming to rejuvenate interest and expand the crypto community, which already includes over six million adults in the UK.

The integration, aligning with a period of decreased crypto volumes and social media engagement, signals Coinbase’s commitment to fostering growth in the digital asset space. By introducing a familiar and trusted payment method, Coinbase seeks to lower entry barriers to cryptocurrency investment, potentially catalyzing a new wave of adoption amidst a challenging market environment. This strategic move is part of broader efforts to stimulate the market, with anticipation building around the upcoming Bitcoin halving as a potential


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