LATEST: Bitdeer Introduces Efficient Chip for Sustainable Bitcoin Mining

Bitdeer Technologies has unveiled its new SEAL04 chip, a game-changer for the Bitcoin mining sector, promising unparalleled energy efficiency. Slated for a Q2 2025 release, the chip is designed to deliver an astounding 5J/TH power efficiency—far surpassing the industry’s current 29J/TH standard. This innovation is expected to drastically reduce operational costs and environmental impact for Bitcoin miners.

The SEAL04 will be featured in Bitdeer’s fourth-generation SEALMINER rigs, expected to commence mass production by Q4 2025. By harnessing such cutting-edge technology, Bitdeer not only aims to enhance mining performance but also significantly cut power consumption to between 5.5-6J/TH. This strategic move addresses the persistent issue of high energy use in mining operations, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

With a commitment to transparency, Bitdeer’s roadmap highlights its focus on technological advancements and timely equipment delivery. Following the success of the SEAL01 chip in March, which achieved an 18.1J/TH efficiency, this latest development further solidifies Bitdeer’s reputation as a leader in innovative crypto mining solutions.


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