LATEST: Bitcoin Soars to Record Highs as Whales Increase Holdings

Big investors have been aggressively buying Bitcoin since the beginning of the year, pushing the cryptocurrency’s price to unprecedented levels. This trend is evident in the actions of Bitcoin whales, or large holders, particularly noticeable through one wallet address. The wallet, identified as ‘bc1qag725vjxxpkkl5gshfkye9xn4p5vklrlhgkw5w’, has been particularly active, amassing 1,308 BTC, valued at almost $90 million, starting March 6. The buying spree has averaged a price of $68,617 per Bitcoin, showcasing significant confidence in the digital currency’s future.

The most recent acquisition by this whale was a 113.735 BTC transfer from Binance on April 7, worth over $7.85 million. This followed an even larger purchase on April 3, where 123.128 BTC were bought for more than $8 million. These transactions mark a notable month of accumulation for the investor, reinforcing Bitcoin’s position as a preferred asset among high-capital investors and signaling a bullish outlook for the market.


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