LATEST: Bitcoin Market Cap Now 8.4% of Gold’s $16 Trillion Value

According to a recent report from Incrementum, revealed in “The New Gold Playbook” and shared by Tuur Demeester of Adamant Research, there is growing institutional interest in Bitcoin and ever-increasing comparisons between the digital currency and gold. Data from the report shows an increase in central bank gold holdings, while US debt holdings recorded a decrease, proving an outflow from the traditional fiat currencies.

Currently, Bitcoin’s market capitalization is near 10% of gold’s, currently at 8.4%, with a valuation of $1.4 trillion against gold’s $16 trillion, proving Bitcoin’s growing appeal as an asset class, mirroring the precious metal but with a massive advantage in supply dynamics since 94% of Bitcoin’s finite 21 million coins are already mined. This follows a strategic focus of incrementum’s crypto gold fund on non-inflatable assets, which already suggests a strong trajectory for Bitcoin’s adoption as a preferred asset for global economic shifts.


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