LATEST: Australia Enters the 1,000+ Bitcoin ATM Milestone

Australia has reached a significant milestone in the world of cryptocurrency, with the nation now boasting 1,002 active Bitcoin ATMs as of April 24. This achievement places Australia as the third country, following the United States and Canada, to surpass the 1,000 mark in terms of crypto-fiat machines. Representing 2.7% of the global Bitcoin ATM network, Australia has seen a remarkable surge in adoption since the end of 2022, primarily driven by increased participation from private firms.

The United States currently leads the global Bitcoin ATM count with 31,170 machines, accounting for 82.8% of the total, followed by Canada with 2,918 machines, representing 7.8%. Australia’s rapid rise in Bitcoin ATMs underscores its growing importance in the crypto market, surpassing Asia’s ATM count in April 2023. With the current installation rate, Australia is poised to overtake Europe, which holds 4.3% of all active Bitcoin ATMs with 1,617 machines. Other notable countries in the crypto ATM landscape include Spain, El Salvador, Poland, Germany, and Hong Kong.

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