Climbing the Trading Ladder: A Guide to Increasing Your Trading Profits


Trading in financial markets can start as a modest hobby with minimal daily profits and has the potential to grow into a lucrative business or even an empire. This progression is not just a matter of increasing capital but also involves enhancing knowledge, strategy, and risk management.

Starting Small: Trading as a Hobby

For many, trading begins as a hobby. With a small investment, hobbyist traders can aim to earn around $20 per day. This level is where traders learn the basics: understanding market movements, getting familiar with technical analysis, and experiencing the emotional aspect of gaining and losing money.

From Hobby to Side Hustle

Once traders are comfortable with the basics, they can scale up to what might be considered a side hustle. With a target of $100 per day, this requires more sophisticated strategies, perhaps specializing in certain asset classes or market conditions. It also requires better risk management to protect the gains made from the increased trading activity.

Trading as a Job

When trading earnings become comparable to a full-time job, at about $500 per day, it’s time to treat it as such. This means dedicating more time to market research, possibly diversifying across different instruments, and maintaining a professional approach to trading sessions.

Making a Career Out of Trading

Earning $1,000 per day marks the transition into a career in trading. Traders at this level often have years of experience and may employ advanced techniques such as algorithmic trading, derivatives, and leverage. At this stage, continued education becomes crucial, as is networking with other professionals in the field.

Building a Trading Business

As profits grow to $2,500 per day, traders are effectively running a business. This involves not just trading skills but also understanding the economics of trading, the impact of global events on markets, and possibly managing a team if operations become sizable.

Establishing an Empire

The pinnacle of a trader’s journey could be the establishment of a trading empire, pulling in $5,000 per day. This level is typically reached by those who not only excel at trading but who can innovate in the field, perhaps by developing proprietary trading systems or by training and leading a team of traders.


Regardless of the level a trader is aiming for, the key to moving up the ladder is education, experience, and a well-thought-out strategy. Each step up involves not only increased potential earnings but also greater responsibility and risk. Therefore, traders must be prepared to invest in their learning and to approach trading with the seriousness and dedication it requires.

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