Moody’s unveils service that uses AI to predict stablecoin depeggings

Moody’s Analytics is launching a new stablecoin service that will use AI to predict probable depeggings “in a 24-hour time horizon” while providing real-time insights about stablecoin issuers’ liquidity and stability.

The stablecoin market is getting stabler, Moody’s observed in its Nov. 6 announcement for the launch of Digital Asset Monitor. 

So far in 2023, there have been 1,914 depeggings, of which 609 were of fiat-backed large-cap stablecoins. This compares with 2,847 in all of 2022, of which 707 were large-cap. While some correlation to rising interest rates can be observed, a number of coin-specific causes can also be detected, Moody’s said.

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