Yearn asks for money back after it accidentally loses 63% of its treasury

Thanks to a script error, Yearn has lost 63% of its treasury.

This loss occurred when a malfunction in a multisig (multi-signature) script led to the unintended swap of Yearn’s treasury balance.

The company clarified that the funds were strictly from Yearn’s treasury, and not from any customer funds.

According to a post, a “faulty multisig script caused Yearn’s entire treasury balance of 3,794,894 lp-yCRVv2 tokens to be swapped.” The incident happened on Dec. 11. 

“This amount comprised a large portion of the Curve pool, and therefore incurred significant slippage which arbed back to the normal price by the market shortly after,” Yearn wrote.

“When factoring in the…

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