Josh Deems To Chart The Future Of Institutional Staking At Benzinga’s Pivotal Digital Assets Conference

Josh Deems is the Institutional Business Development Lead at Figment – a firm specializing in institutional staking solutions.

Figment serves over 250 institutional clients, offering point-and-click-staking portfolio reports, performance insights, APIs for seamless integrations, and third-party custody solutions.

Like many prominent figures in the crypto space, Deems will be speaking at Benzinga’s Future of Digital Assets event on Nov. 14 in New York City. He will join a panel titled “Staking: Definition, Challenges, and Opportunities” alongside Martin Leinweber and Joe Levin.

Deems started his career at S&P Global before working for two out of the Big 4 in PwC and EY. He pivoted to…

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