NEW: Strike CEO Jack Mallers Predicts Bitcoin Could Reach $1 Million

Jack Mallers, the visionary CEO of Strike, the Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet, forecasts a dramatic rise in Bitcoin’s value, potentially escalating by up to 1,486% to hit the $1 million mark in the ongoing market cycle. During a discussion on the David Lin YouTube channel, Mallers expressed his confidence in Bitcoin’s growth, citing its limited supply and status as the “hardest” money ever created, unlike inflation-susceptible fiat currencies. He attributed this potential to the robustness of the Lightning Network, which bolsters Bitcoin’s utility by enabling faster, more affordable global transactions, and can handle up to a million transactions per second, heralding a new era for Bitcoin as not only an investment asset but a viable medium for everyday transactions.

Despite his optimistic forecast, Mallers warned of potential market turbulence, particularly in the bond market where bondholders could face significant losses. His critique extended to central banks, which he accused of devaluing currencies and diminishing individual wealth. Mallers also voiced skepticism towards altcoins like Ethereum, questioning their potential as true monetary systems. He remains committed to revolutionizing global financial services through Strike, with a long-term vision of Bitcoin becoming the world’s reserve currency.


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