NEW: Bitcoin Whale from Satoshi-Era Emerges After 10-Year Slumber

A long-forgotten Bitcoin address holding 1,701 BTC, valued at approximately $115.4 million, has recently sprung back into action after lying dormant for over ten years. WhaleAlert, a service monitoring large cryptocurrency transactions, detected this significant activity last Saturday. The address, active for the first time since its last transaction when Bitcoin was merely $440, has seen its value surge by over 15,600%, with Bitcoin now trading at $69,331 on Bitstamp. This event has sparked widespread speculation among the crypto community, pondering whether this is an investor with unyielding faith in Bitcoin or someone who has just rediscovered lost access to a digital fortune.

This reactivation comes intriguingly close to the Bitcoin halving event, raising questions about potential market movements. With the halving expected to slash block rewards to 3.125 BTC, speculation is rife about the whale’s next move. Meanwhile, the crypto world continues to remember Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s enigmatic creator, whose last known activity dates back to 2014. This event adds to the lore of Bitcoin’s early adopters, with past instances of similar large-scale transactions stirring the community’s curiosity and debate.


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