NEW: Bitcoin Payments Now Accepted by Candy Jets for Private Charters

Candy Jets, a leader in private jet charter services, has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with Bitcoin services provider CoinCorner to accept Bitcoin as payment for its luxury flights. This collaboration places Candy Jets among the first in the aviation industry to offer a cryptocurrency payment option, reflecting its commitment to innovation and customer convenience. Laura Green, co-founder of Candy Jets, expressed enthusiasm about providing their leading services through Bitcoin, highlighting the collaboration with CoinCorner as a confident step towards incorporating daily Bitcoin transactions for their clientele.

The integration of Bitcoin and Lightning payments through CoinCorner’s CoinCorner Checkout signifies a strategic move by Candy Jets to cater to a tech-savvy market, especially with the private jet sector’s growth projected to reach USD 21.18 billion by 2026. Danny Scott, CEO of CoinCorner, sees this as an opportunity to redefine the landscape of business transactions, emphasizing the advantages of Bitcoin in facilitating faster, cheaper, and borderless payments. This forward-thinking approach by Candy Jets not only enhances customer service but also strengthens the role of Bitcoin in transforming the future of high-end service payments.


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