LATSET: Crypto ATM Installations Approach All-Time High Record

The landscape of cryptocurrency ATMs has experienced a notable resurgence, with a 17.8% increase in global installations over the past year, totaling 38,279 machines. This upswing closely approaches the December 2022 peak of 39,541 ATMs. Following a downturn in 2023, where 2,861 machines were removed, the recent additions of 2,564 ATMs in 2024 mark a significant recovery, pointing to revitalized market confidence.

Major operators such as Bitcoin Depot, Coinflip, and Athena Bitcoin dominate the scene, collectively managing over 15,000 ATMs. Bitcoin remains the most frequently transacted cryptocurrency, with other digital currencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin also gaining traction. Remarkably, the United States hosts over 82% of the global total, with Canada and a rapidly expanding Australia following.

Despite a brief dip in installations from May to June, June witnessed a robust increase of 377 machines. This positive momentum underscores the growing acceptance and integration of cryptocurrency ATMs across 72 countries, reinforcing the global shift towards digital currency accessibility.


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