LATEST: Long-Term Hodlers Possess 78% of All Ethereum

A recent analysis by the cryptocurrency data analytics firm IntoTheBlock has revealed that a substantial 78% of all Ethereum (ETH) is held by long-term investors. This statistic underscores a strong confidence in the long-term viability of Ethereum amidst fluctuating market conditions.

The report includes a graph showcasing the distribution of Ethereum holdings over time, divided into categories based on the duration the ETH has been held: ‘Hodlers’ (1+ year), ‘Cruisers’ (1-12 months), and ‘Traders’ (less than 1 month). The blue line on the graph, representing long-term holders, has shown a steady increase over the past six months, suggesting a significant accumulation phase.

The implications of such a high percentage of Ethereum being held by long-term investors could indicate a lower potential for selling pressure and price volatility. Experts believe this trend might contribute to a more stable market environment for Ethereum, providing a solid foundation for future growth and innovation within the ecosystem.

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