LATEST: CryptoQuant CEO Notes 2020 Echoed in Current Bitcoin Whale Accumulation

CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju has drawn attention to current Bitcoin activities mirroring those of mid-2020, a precursor to a substantial price surge. In a recent post, Ki highlighted high on-chain activity and significant Bitcoin acquisitions, reminiscent of 2020’s behaviors that culminated in Bitcoin’s ascent to $64,000 by April 2021. Despite a period of price stability, “Realized Cap for New Whales” data shows $1 billion being added daily to new whale accounts, suggesting a strong accumulation phase.

The market’s response to these patterns has been mixed. While some predict a looming breakout, others remain cautious, observing no immediate price spikes despite the inflow of funds and ETF investments. Historically, similar activity in 2020 led to a year-end price peak at $29,000, following prolonged on-chain actions linked to over-the-counter deals.

Crypto analysts express optimism, viewing the sustained low volatility and substantial whale investments as the groundwork for a new all-time high. This scenario draws a parallel to past market conditions that set the stage for a bull market, aligning with the community’s hopeful outlook for Bitcoin’s future trajectory.


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