LATEST: WisdomTree WBIT ETP Now Holds 8,900 BTC, Says Arkham

Blockchain analytics firm Arkham Intel recently spotlighted WisdomTree’s innovative approach to Bitcoin investment through its product, WBIT. This physical Bitcoin exchange-traded product (ETP) holds an impressive 8,900 BTC across 134 wallets, currently valued at approximately $579 million. Announced via the social media platform X, this disclosure emphasizes WBIT’s substantial footprint in the cryptocurrency investment space. WisdomTree’s ETP is designed to provide shareholders with an accessible, secure, and cost-efficient method to mirror the price movements of Bitcoin, enhancing transparency and tradability with institutional-grade custody solutions.

Distinct from a spot bitcoin ETF, which might use derivatives, WBIT offers investors a direct stake in Bitcoin held in cold storage, effectively enabling them to own a portion of the actual coins. This setup aligns closely with the rising interest in cryptocurrencies and the push towards more tangible investment vehicles in the digital asset sphere. As enthusiasts like Jack Mallers advocate for mainstream Bitcoin adoption, products like WBIT offer a robust structure for investors aiming to leverage Bitcoin’s potential in a physically-backed format.

Arkham Intel

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