LATEST: Telegram’s 900 Million Users Million Users Boost TON’s Market Strength

Telegram has recently reached an impressive 900 million user milestone, enhancing its influence in the digital world. This surge in users directly benefits TON, a blockchain designed to integrate smoothly with Telegram’s expanding ecosystem. TONcoin’s integration within the Telegram app allows users to conduct transactions via the platform’s native wallet, capitalizing on the vast user base’s interest in cryptocurrency. This integration offers cheap transactions and fee-free USDT transfers on TON’s blockchain, an appealing feature for those looking to execute frequent, cost-effective transfers.

However, the convenience of a wallet within a messaging app comes with security concerns. Critics argue that while it’s great for daily transactions, it might not be secure enough for large holdings. For those concerned about safety, traditional hardware wallets still offer better protection for significant assets.

Despite these security issues, Telegram’s ecosystem, which includes apps and bots that interact with wallets, allows users to engage in activities like “farming” directly through the platform. This level of integration could significantly enhance TONcoin’s adoption, provided it can navigate the complex terrain of regulation and security in the cryptocurrency world.


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