LATEST: Samson Mow Criticizes Ripple for Spreading Fears About Bitcoin, Tether

Jan3’s CEO, Samson Mow, put out a series of tweets lambasting Ripple on social media. These have been in response to remarks made by the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, who had said Tether could be next on the hit list of the SEC. In the case of Ripple, it is spreading FUD not only against Tether but against Bitcoin as well, as pointed out by Mow. In a tough-toned response, Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino called Garlinghouse an “uninformed CEO” and deflected from claims the firm’s USDT, the world’s most widely used stablecoin, was not fully backed.

In other words, the dispute is getting more heated after Ripple indicated that it plans to launch its own stable coin, which surely will compete with Tether. In response, Ardoino sought to reassure the crypto community of the robustness of USDT in any emerging market. Simultaneously, Mow reminded his followers that Ripple had previously bankrolled a campaign that sought to change the Bitcoin network away from its proof of work consensus, shining light on the industry-wide tensions that continue to play out.


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