LATEST: Robinhood Plans to Launch Crypto Futures Trading in US, Europe

Robinhood Markets Inc. is planning to offer cryptocurrency futures in the US and Europe soon. Following its $200 million acquisition of Bitstamp Ltd., Robinhood aims to leverage Bitstamp’s licenses to provide perpetual futures for Bitcoin and other tokens in Europe. In the US, Robinhood plans to launch CME-based futures for Bitcoin and Ether, insiders reveal.

While the company states there are no immediate plans to launch these offerings, ongoing conversations indicate a strong potential for future developments. The growing demand for crypto derivatives, which outpaced spot trading volumes with $3.69 trillion in monthly derivatives in May, highlights the lucrative opportunity for Robinhood in this market.

Despite a Wells notice from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Robinhood is expanding its crypto strategy. The acquisition of Bitstamp, expected to close in early 2025, and a futures broker license from Marex signal Robinhood’s commitment to enhancing its crypto offerings and capitalizing on the booming futures market.


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