LATEST: Over Half of Japan’s Managers to Invest in Crypto, Nomura Survey

A recent survey by Nomura Holdings and its digital asset subsidiary, Laser Digital, highlights a bullish outlook on cryptocurrencies among Japanese investment managers. Over 54% of managers surveyed plan to add crypto assets to their portfolios in the next three years, aiming to enhance stability and hedge against inflation through diversified investments. This sentiment follows the Japanese cabinet’s endorsement of cryptocurrencies as legitimate assets for local investment funds.

The enthusiasm for digital currencies is also reflected in the acceptance of crypto as a viable diversification strategy, with 62% of respondents viewing it favorably. A significant 25% hold a particularly positive view on major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. This growing confidence is spurred by evolving financial products in the crypto space, including ETFs, staking, and lending services.

This shift aligns with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s vision of fostering a robust Web3 industry under Japan’s new economic policy. The recent legislative changes to exclude corporate tax on unrealized crypto gains further pave the way for long-term investments, signaling a promising future for crypto assets in Japan’s financial landscape.


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