LATEST: Michael Saylor Aims to Buy Bitcoin When It Reaches $8 Million

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, delivered a compelling keynote at BTC Prague, describing Bitcoin as the world’s perfect money. He compared its transformative potential to historic scientific revolutions, claiming it could reshape global economic and political landscapes. Emphasizing Bitcoin’s unique resilience and value, Saylor stated, I got the price I deserved, and I started buying at $9,500… I’ll be buying it at $95,000 and $950,000, and I’ll buy it at $8 million.

Saylor introduced his 21 Rules of Bitcoin, guiding principles for those who wish to understand and embrace Bitcoin. He stressed the importance of continuous learning and adapting to appreciate Bitcoin’s long-term potential, highlighting its ability to serve as a hedge against economic chaos and a symbol of true asset ownership.

Closing his presentation, Saylor advocated for spreading Bitcoin with love, emphasizing the need for positive engagement to increase global adoption. His message was clear: understanding Bitcoin is the first step towards realizing its capacity as a revolutionary, stabilizing force in an uncertain world.


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