LATEST: Major Players Control 27% of Bitcoin, Over 4 Million BTC

A recent Glassnode report unveils that key players now control over 4.23 million bitcoin, making up more than 27% of the available supply. This group includes U.S. spot ETFs, government entities, and major exchanges, with ETFs alone holding a significant 862,000 BTC. This consolidation of bitcoin assets demonstrates the deep trust and commitment these institutions have in the cryptocurrency’s potential.

Amidst these developments, the market dynamics remain balanced with stable prices, despite strong inflows into bitcoin ETFs. The introduction of innovative trading strategies and onchain activities like the Runes protocol, which has swiftly overtaken other token systems, illustrates a growing sophistication and adoption in the crypto ecosystem.

Such a vast holding by influential entities not only highlights their bullish outlook but also solidifies bitcoin’s position as a mature asset. As these holders continue to influence market dynamics, their impact paves the way for broader acceptance and potential growth in the cryptocurrency market.


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