LATEST: MoonPay and PayPal Offer Crypto Services for UK, EU Clients

MoonPay has expanded its PayPal payment options to the UK and EU, enhancing cryptocurrency accessibility for users across 24 EU countries. This strategic move, following a successful US integration, positions PayPal as a top payment method for purchasing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. MoonPay data indicates a significant preference for PayPal, with a 90% transaction completion rate and a higher conversion among PayPal-first users.

Ivan Soto-Wright, CEO of MoonPay, celebrated the expansion as a milestone, underlining the success of the PayPal partnership in democratizing crypto access. The integration facilitates seamless transactions using PayPal balances, avoiding manual entry of payment details, and catering to a younger, tech-savvy demographic with an average age of 35.

MoonPay continues to strengthen its position in the competitive fintech space, with ambitions to expand its partner network and platform capabilities by mid-2024. This includes broader collaborations and enhanced features, ensuring MoonPay remains at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution.


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