LATEST: Japanese Public Firm Metaplanet Invests $6.5 Million in Bitcoin

Japanese investment firm Metaplanet Inc. has significantly strengthened its financial portfolio by investing ¥1 billion ($6.5 million) in Bitcoin, marking a strategic pivot towards digital assets. This acquisition, which comprises 97.8519 bitcoins purchased at an average price of ¥10,219,524 each, accounts for about 30% of the company’s current market capitalization. Announced in a recent “Progress of Disclosure” notice, this move positions Metaplanet as a forward-thinking player in Japan’s evolving digital finance scene, indicating a robust vote of confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term potential.

This transition to Bitcoin not only showcases Metaplanet’s innovative approach to investment but also mirrors a growing trend among global corporations utilizing cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation. By allocating a substantial portion of its treasury assets to Bitcoin, Metaplanet is setting a precedent in the corporate adoption of cryptocurrencies, potentially encouraging other firms to explore similar financial strategies as digital currencies gain broader acceptance.


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