LATEST: Crypto Mobile Wallets Hit All-Time High with 28 Million Users

Mobile wallet usage for cryptocurrencies has reached a record high with 28.24 million users, showcasing a significant leap in industry user-friendliness. This peak is revealed in the latest State of Crypto Index, signaling an increase in mainstream adoption due to enhanced user experiences across platforms.

Leading the pack, MetaMask Mobile, CoinbaseWallet, and TrustWallet make up the bulk of this growth, illustrating their continued dominance in the market. Meanwhile, newcomers like Phantom are quickly climbing in popularity, demonstrating the dynamic nature of this burgeoning sector.

With an estimated 580 million crypto owners worldwide, according to CryptoCom, the potential for mobile wallet expansion is enormous. The current figures suggest there’s an opportunity to expand mobile wallet usage by over twentyfold among existing cryptocurrency owners alone.


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