LATEST: CoinShares Reports $2B in Crypto Fund Inflows in May with BTC Leading

The cryptocurrency market has observed a remarkable fourth consecutive week of inflows, accumulating $185 million in the final week of May alone, culminating in a monthly total of $2 billion. This surge has elevated the year-to-date investment in digital assets to surpass $15 billion. The U.S. has played a pivotal role in this influx, contributing $130 million last week, despite simultaneous outflows from incumbent issuers totaling $260 million. Bitcoin has notably led these inflows, attracting $148 million and indicating a strong bullish sentiment.

Ether has also seen a resurgence in investor interest, with weekly inflows of $33.5 million, influenced by the U.S. approval of Ether ETFs, a move reversing previous negative trends. Additionally, Solana’s SOL recorded positive flows, ending May with $24.8 million in total investments. Despite some setbacks in multi-asset funds, which experienced $2.7 million in weekly outflows, the substantial inflows into major cryptocurrencies underscore a growing investor confidence and a promising outlook for the crypto market.


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