LATEST: Canaan Debuts A1566, Enhancing Efficiency in Bitcoin Mining Machines

Canaan Inc., a pioneer in ASIC high-performance computing chips since 2013, has announced the launch of its latest bitcoin mining machine, the Avalon A15 series model A1566. This new model boasts impressive energy efficiency, with an 18.5J/T ratio, powered by a 185T hashing capability and 3420W power consumption. The release marks a significant step in Canaan’s ongoing commitment to leading technological advancements in the blockchain sector.

The company highlights that this series is the result of intensified efforts in product development and market research, as well as strengthened collaborations with key partners. According to Canaan, these enhancements are crucial in maintaining high performance and resilience in mining solutions, especially significant in the challenging post-halving era.

Canaan asserts that the Avalon A15 series will notably increase profitability for users, thereby reinforcing the company’s dedication to fostering innovation within the blockchain industry. This development is expected to have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency mining community, encouraging more efficient and profitable mining operations.


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