LATEST: BNB Chain Hard Fork Activation Leads to Reduced Fees

BNB Chain has launched the Haber hard fork, introducing BEP-336 to significantly reduce blockchain fees by 90% and optimize data handling. This innovative update, influenced by Ethereum’s advancements, streamlines the verification process through blob-carrying transactions, making operations faster and more efficient.

With BEP-336, the costs on BNB Smart Chain’s layer-2 solutions are slashed, dropping transaction fees to a mere $0.0001. This makes blockchain operations more affordable and efficient, tailored specifically for BNB Chain’s ecosystem, which unlike others, does not burn transaction fees. The update promises enhanced performance and cost-efficiency, appealing to both developers and users.

The hard fork also benefits BNB Greenfield, improving its decentralized storage with “BlobHub,” a new data archive layer. This enhancement supports decentralized applications and ensures BNB Chain remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation, fostering growth in the crypto market.


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