LATEST: Bitwise CCO Says Ethereum ETFs Approaching Finalization

Bitwise’s Chief Compliance Officer, Katherine Dowling, has indicated that spot Ethereum ETFs are on the verge of approval, as discussions with the SEC show promising progress. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Dowling noted a reduction in issues with each S-1 amendment, signaling an imminent launch. This development aligns with SEC chair Gary Gensler’s statement of a potential full approval of issuers’ registration statements this summer, although the timeline remains flexible.

Despite the competition from industry giants like BlackRock and Fidelity, Bitwise is positioning itself as a standout due to its extensive focus on crypto over the years. The company filed its latest amendment on July 3, staying ahead in the race against a July 8 deadline set for many other applicants. These amendments are critical as they continue to refine details such as sponsor’s fees.

Dowling also revealed ongoing discussions with the SEC about new crypto products, suggesting a receptive attitude from the agency towards innovative financial products. While some offerings may hinge on a change in SEC leadership, the positive dialogue bodes well for the future of cryptocurrency-related investments.


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