LATEST: Anthony Scaramucci Believes Bitcoin May Hit $100,000 This Year

Bitcoin remains poised for a significant rebound, with predictions suggesting it could surge past $100,000 by year’s end. Anthony Scaramucci of Skyridge Capital highlights the enduring potential of Bitcoin, underpinned by a slew of positive developments. Notably, the repayment efforts by defunct exchanges like Mount Gox and FTX are set to inject billions back into the market, potentially boosting Bitcoin’s value as a substantial portion is expected to be reinvested.

The cryptocurrency is gaining traction as a mainstream asset, bolstered by legislative efforts to establish a regulatory framework. This movement suggests a growing recognition of Bitcoin as a legitimate store of value, which Scaramucci believes firmly supports its long-term ascent. The protective measures outlined in recent GOP platforms further underscore this sentiment.

Despite temporary selling pressures from various quarters, including government sell-offs and mining adjustments, the market sentiment remains optimistic. As these pressures wane, industry experts, including Scaramucci, forecast a robust recovery for Bitcoin, which has already seen a 29% increase since the beginning of the year.


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